The first lead coin amulet of Luang Por Guay (7)



The first coin amulet of Luang Por Guay, Wat Khositaram, Chainat Province had been created with the best and most perfect intention. There are many miracles from the past to the present. People can be used  to pray and worship all matters and have a wonderful effect in every way. Currently,  first coins are well known in Amulet society about high price and rarity.


The first lead coin amulet of Luang Por Guay has been created after  several sample tests of soft metal coins and modifications of the metal mold during the tests. The perfect mold had been hardened and used to stamp on the Brass metal plate which became to be the first series of “Thong Fa Bath” metal coin amulet. All steps are in accordance with the principle of creating metal coins by stamping the mold under the process of hard press.  Modifying mold in each series of stamping left the marking of defects from the mold.  We can see the marking on each lead coin amulet.


If considered in detail at the lead coin amulets of Luang Por Guay, we will find that the lead coins had been pressed, stamped and cut in the same mold used to stamp the coin from Alpacca and Brass metal coin amulet.  With evidence at many small marking points on the front of the lead coin which can be linked to the fact that the lead coin amulet had been pressed and stamped in the same time of the Alpacca and Brass metal coin amulet.  But the amulet mold had been modified several times until small mark points were disappeared on the latest series creation.


These lead coins have been affirmed by close pupils who took care of him that Luang Por Guay said by himself that “his first series amulet coins were also made from lead as well”. The lead coins were created around 150 coins or maybe a little more  in two types of stamp, one side and two sides. Some lead coin amulets had engraved by Luang Por Guay handwriting which made the lead coin amulets very sacred and powerful. These lead coins will be rare and expensive in the future like the first coin series of “Nuea Thong Fa Bath” metal coin.